Voïvod is a Canadian heavy metal band from JonquièreQuebec. Their sound has morphed over the years from thrash, to prog, to industrial, to experimental and everything in between. One aspect of the band that has always stood out to me is the artwork. The drummer, Michael Langevin has been creating every piece of Voïvod artwork for 30 years. Just like the band's sound, the artwork on every release has been unpredictable, innovative and incredible. The Voïvod logo has changed over years as well, with every version usually matching the art concept for each album. 
For this project, I decided to pay tribute to my favourite iteration of their logo, which was used for the covers of Rrröööaaarrr (1986), and Killing Technology (1987). I've always loved the rawness, complexity and the overall design of this particular logo. It's design has always stuck in my mind, and its look matched the sonic nature of both albums perfectly.

Art by: Michael Langevin
I've always wondered if it's hand drawn, semi 3D nature could be translated into a real three dimensional animation. 
The results are below. 

To the Death!

A closer look.

Thank You!
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