The complete graphics package for our wedding

Art Direction & Graphic Design - Jan Werthwein
Art Direction & Floral Design - Kat Tsoi
Photography - Katherine Holland
Super 8 Camera - Mark Valino, Adrian O'Connor & Kevin Thomson
Muse - Katerina Alexopoulos

Our goal: to create the coolest wedding in the history of the entire universe.


Our colour palette was inspired by the illustrations of Joseph Christian Leyendecker. In particular his use of Nasturtium, a bold orange colour that was the inspiration for the logo.

We wanted our invites to make a bang.
We used 3 logos on the front to represent the 3 of us (we have a pup), and the explosion of elements
to represent the atmosphere of a party.

The Family Crests used a shape motif that utilised the first letter of the name. All the elements within represented fun family memories, crafts, pets and nationalities.

​​​​​​​Need to zone out while a particularly boring speech lulls you into a coma? Do you like psychedelic glowing sky puppies? Why not gaze at one of our beautiful video loops!

Where wedding budgets go to die.​​​​​​​
When shooting on Super 8, try and get editors to shoot for you. They will edit in camera, which means
you won't have to edit at all! 
( I love editing, but you know what I mean. It's time consuming)
Pictured above: Wedding Essentials ^
Photo: Katherine Holland

All of the places, people, ideas and things that became our wedding invites.

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