The Project: Create a set of custom emojis and gifs that are generic enough to be used by everyone, but also point to ET Canada's branding.
The Solution: Take the ET Canada logo shape and blue colour scheme as the basic shape of the character. Arms and occasional background effects and animations are used to exaggerate and sell the emotions of the character. The result is emojis that can be used by everyone, and evoke the ET Canada look in a subtle, effective way.

In order: Work, Joy, Cool, Relax, Confused, Angry, Fitness & Sad.
The final result is a set of distinct and fun ET Canada branded character graphics. The rounded rectangle shape, and cartoon arms allow this look to be easily adapted to almost any emotion, reaction or situation. The colour scheme, shapes, and emotional language make the set very versatile and memorable. Find them yourself on ET Canada's Giphy page
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