A NEW season means a NEW Season 23 promo. The task was to create an exciting promo which highlights our shows devotion to the stories that matter, while giving a platform to the voices that need to be heard. The promo also highlights our newest hosts, our set, and the talents of our ET Canada Team.
The final package of :15 and :30 second promos aired nationally across all of Corus' broadcast and specialty networks.

My job was to realize the vision of interconnectedness through motion graphics, rotoscoping, motion tracking and graphic design.


Produced By: 
Toni Francis
Warren Credo

Director of Photography:
Michael Catarina

Wardrobe Stylist:
Maria Chowdery

Karen Shute

Post Audio:
Jean Vanhaelen

Paul Hessell

Jan Werthwein

Production Manager:
Fay Philavanh

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